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Take Due Notice and Govern Yourselves Accordingly

It seems during the economy that more and more people are trying to make money off of Freemasonry. Don't get me wrong... I don't mind Masonry in the spot light sometimes especially with Dan Brown's new book "The Symbol".

During these rough economic times people are willing to jump on anything that they think will make them some cash. We had instance in the State of South Carolina where a brother was trying to make money off of selling certain materials that were out of copyright, that were printed in the 1800's. Once confronted the so called brother turned in his dues card. Even to this day, he is trying to sell this material.

Not only is publicity good for the craft, but just how people go on reality shows and get instant fame or win the lottery to have their lives ruined shortly after this can be so with the craft. There will probably be more reports like this one

Also, there has been a increase on Web "DDOS" attacks or Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks on Masonic websites. This is where hackers will use a army of computers to massively send tons of data traffic to a web server hosting the page and "knock" the site offline. The server just can't handle the amount of traffic hitting the page.

Or some find vulnerabilities in there code to gain access and deface the page.

So publicity does come with a price. Brethren and Future Brethren, please check yourself and subdue your passions to making a extra buck or revealing too much to media for a extra dollar.

No... Masons do not have some secret treasure that can be spent, we all don't have Mansions and nice cars.

The only true treasure that Masons have is it's teachings and brotherly love for light being spread everywhere and assisting others trying to make this turbulent ever changing world a better place with sharing love.

Love and Light,
Shane Hale

PS. I haven't read Dan Brown's "The Symbol" yet, but I heard it is a interesting read and does not really make Freemasonry look like the same ole New World Order Devil worshipers like other movies and publications do.

Future of Masonry on the Decline?

I am meeting more and more masons from around the world and the United States. Recently, I read a article in the Knight Templar about the decline of masonry and how many lodges are closing. It seems that the lack of focus on work and other equations were mention. Sometimes it makes me wonder if it is more than just numbers. Is there something missing?

In York Rite, I have heard a lot of the degree work used to be memorized instead of read out loud. It seems that maybe work is deteriorated along the years. The importance of learning not only the blue lodge work but other work seems to be lack of.

This has really gotten me to the point of wanting to learn everything in the blue lodge and extend that to my York Rite as well. I don't want to be a "card carrying mason" I am proud to say I am a Freemason even wear my ring and put the decal on my card. I have noticed that since I have become a mason that there are some people at work including my manager use me at the butt of their jokes.

Why is there so much animosity towards Freemasons? I really don't get it these days. I hope that Freemasonry will not decline and that the article if way dead off in the Knights Templar magazine. I will govern myself accordingly and keep on keeping on for the search for more light. I hope you all will do the same.

Racial Rucus in Atlanta Lodge

I received the following news from one of our districts.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution has picked up the story, and it is now spreading through the Associated Press.

In short, Gates City Lodge in Atlanta raised a military veteran earlier this year, who was black. Two other lodges filed masonic charges against Gates Lodge, accusing them of un-masonic conduct and violating the landmarks of freemasonry for raising a non-white man. The Grand Lodge apparently allowed the charges to stand and scheduled a trial.

Gates Lodge filed suit on June 19, in the Superior Court of DeKalb County, asking for an injunction to stop the trial, among other matters. The case is pending.

There is plenty of additional information on the internet, available by a Google search.

According to most bylaws there is nothing to stop a black man from joining a regular non Prince Hall lodge except the disrupting harmony clause that would be applied to anyone thought to cause a disruption. I will look forward to see how government will intervene on this one Link to the Lodge

Shriners in Greenville Sc may close

I am wanting to get this out to others to report on a Shriners Hospital possibly closing in Greenville Sc due to budget cuts.

I am helping out on Facebook trying to get a Fundraiser going . If you have yet become my friend add me and just put in the message Freemason.

As you all know earlier posts my daughter had to go to this Shriners Hospital in Greenville SC and it was a blessing to us. I encourage everyone to help save Shriners Hospitals from closing.


Thanks for your support!

Shane Hale

Retrospective Masonry Bail Out Plan.

Over the past couple of months I really looked inside myself and realized somethings about masonry.

A lot that it teaches is to be retrospective in your life. Everyone should just stop everything they are doing and the every day rat race and "Hussle N Bussle" of life and look at all the beautiful things that God has brought us. He is definitely the Grand Architect.

The problem with this age is everything is On Demand and rush rush. Like when I was in the military the ole "Hurry up and wait". People do not have any patience any more nor do they think clearly or long enough to appreciate life in general.

With terms like ADHD and short attention spans. I really attribute this to everyone in such a hurry and running in place like a gerbil on one of those Wire Wheels. They are running so fast to get really no where. I think the true meaning masonry teaches it to appreciate the surroundings that has been constructed. Love and appreciate people for who and what they are.

Life is so disposable today and not appreciated. Everyone wants convenience and if they do not get it they get all crazy and in a uproar. With out a cornerstone in life or any foundation we are merely a structure waiting to collapse. If everyone stopped worrying about the economy and all the media hype and really tune out and pause their life and appreciate beautiful things like a mother singing to a child or crickets chirping and night.

I think crime,corruption and other superfluities of life would tend to decrease and the nation and world for that matter would find out truly a better bail out plan.

I want to thank Freemasonry for making me a better retrospective person andhelping me to apprecitate the precious commodity called time that all of us seldom have.

Non-Masonic conduct, What do you do?

After being in the craft for almost 2 years now It has become dear to my heart. I see some people wanting to join for obviously the wrong reasons.

Their actions as a man may make many masons shutter. If you see someone that maybe pledging in another lodge that you know is not in it for the right reasons or their personal actions in real life to yourself and to others is out right despicable. What do you do?

What happens if their actions continue after they are a brother. I have seen and heard from 2 people who are hot heads and have admitted to wanting to be in it for the wrong reasons. If masonry helps them improve their personal traits and make them a better man then I am all for it but what happens if they continue to be not so level?

Visting Lodges outsite your area

I would have to say, I went to a Lodge in Georgia and saw the actual 1st degree work and a normal business meeting and I was very impressed with some of the differences between the state of South Carolina and the State of Georgia.

It left me to wonder if differences in work and rituals from state to state and country to country. What is the true integrity of the work. Who decides to make changes in the work overtime and why?

To answer my question I just looked at the different denominations in religion and the interpretations of the Holy Bible. Different denominations but same religion. Let's say I enjoyed one state's interpretation better than another. What can I do to bring change to my state?

These are just thoughts, When you see things that look to be better in interpretation and help benefit the craft as a whole, how would you go about making change? The answer would be the Grand Lodge but how?

Thought I would write this brainstorming question on how the craft can open up and make improvements over time. Changes from fund raising to ritual work ect ect.