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Take Due Notice and Govern Yourselves Accordingly

It seems during the economy that more and more people are trying to make money off of Freemasonry. Don't get me wrong... I don't mind Masonry in the spot light sometimes especially with Dan Brown's new book "The Symbol".

During these rough economic times people are willing to jump on anything that they think will make them some cash. We had instance in the State of South Carolina where a brother was trying to make money off of selling certain materials that were out of copyright, that were printed in the 1800's. Once confronted the so called brother turned in his dues card. Even to this day, he is trying to sell this material.

Not only is publicity good for the craft, but just how people go on reality shows and get instant fame or win the lottery to have their lives ruined shortly after this can be so with the craft. There will probably be more reports like this one

Also, there has been a increase on Web "DDOS" attacks or Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks on Masonic websites. This is where hackers will use a army of computers to massively send tons of data traffic to a web server hosting the page and "knock" the site offline. The server just can't handle the amount of traffic hitting the page.

Or some find vulnerabilities in there code to gain access and deface the page.

So publicity does come with a price. Brethren and Future Brethren, please check yourself and subdue your passions to making a extra buck or revealing too much to media for a extra dollar.

No... Masons do not have some secret treasure that can be spent, we all don't have Mansions and nice cars.

The only true treasure that Masons have is it's teachings and brotherly love for light being spread everywhere and assisting others trying to make this turbulent ever changing world a better place with sharing love.

Love and Light,
Shane Hale

PS. I haven't read Dan Brown's "The Symbol" yet, but I heard it is a interesting read and does not really make Freemasonry look like the same ole New World Order Devil worshipers like other movies and publications do.